Chicas y Caballos

Chicas y Caballos is an equine-assisted learning program that brings girls and horses together for a unique educational experience. The well-trained horses at Rancho La Merced have a special way of teaching in a fun and safe environment.

Each group consists of 6 local girls, 6 leaders and 6 horses. The girls participate for 3 hours weekly over the course of 4 weeks. During our time together the girls learn everything about horses from head to hoof, learn how to work as a team, build confidence, gain trust and learn about making connections with each other and the horses.

We also teach them important life lessons like how to deal with change and how to make smart decisions in challenging situations. Chicas y Caballos is a not-for-profit organization where volunteers donate their time, provide transportation and a healthy meal for the girls at the end of each session.

For more information please contact Beth Sylver at or directly through the Chicas y Caballos Facebook page.