Terms and Conditions

Reservation and Cancellation policies

All reservations and/or cancelations must be done on writing.
All reservations must be secured by pre-payment.
Reimbursement of 75% for cancelations placed 9 or more days, prior to the date reserved.
Reimbursement of 50% for cancelations between day 2 and 8 prior to the date reserved.
No reimbursement for cancelations less than 24 hours prior to the tour.
No reimbursement for cancelations on Easter week and/or Christmas week.
No reimbursement for no shows.

Note: No reservations without a guarantee. We are not responsible for losing space if the form is delayed on delivery back to us or credit card is not valid.

Privacy policy

How We Use Personal Information

We obtain your personal information through our contact form on a secure line   and use it ONLY with the purpose of providing our services to respond to your inquiries.

We do not share your personal information nor sell our database to anyone.


Retention of Personal Information
For your safety we do not retain personal information after our services are provided.

Waiver of Liability

I hereby confirm that I have been properly informed that the horseback riding and/or the walks involve inherent risks related to the visit of the tropical forest, such as walking through slippery, moist areas and/or trails, covered with foliage and trees.

In addition, I have been informed that in the area to be visited, there are snakes, insects and other animals with well-known risks such as bites and stings of any kind. I have no health problems that forbids me from participating in the Tour and I agree to follow all instructions given to me for my own safety, including the use of security helmet when horseback riding. Moreover, I promise I will follow the guidelines in order to protect the environment: the flora, fauna and all the resources the Refuge has.

I hereby release Aventureros de Selva Bonita S.A., their legal representatives, directors, and employees, of any civil or penal, or any other kind of responsibility for any physical or moral injury, sickness or death resulting from the tour, which I am assuming under my own risk. I understand that the weather conditions in Costa Rica may have sudden changes that may affect the development of the activity in any part of the route, so it is at the discretion of the group’s decision to abort the tour due to bad weather and waive the act to any refund for services not rendered due to the interruption of the program.